• Product type: Decorative Profile
  • Length: 2500 mm
  • Length (inch): 8′ 2 7/16″
  • Color/Finish: anodized finish and present in different colors like silver, golden, wood textured, white, blue, and many others.
  • Length: L 8′ 2 7/16″
  • Area of application: Decoration, Construction, And Furniture Making.
  • Material: stainless steel



No.1 China Decorative Profiles Manufacturers

Everyone wants to renovate and style their bathrooms and houses. Choosing the correct china top China Decorative profiles Manufacturers may help you to make your interior look more elegant and subtle. Decorative profiles are metallic strips known as architectural details that help decorate building styles. Our Stainless steel profiles come with hygienic and aesthetic qualities. It meets the requirements of modern style trends in architecture and interior design, highlighting and beautifying any environment. They provide a protective covering to prevent surface damage after installation and are made of thin strips.

Primo Profilex makes it easy for customers to shop for these things because it saves them time and money. The jaw-dropping bargains designed for those purchasing bulk make these perfect for wholesalers and distributors of leading Chinese manufacturers of decorative profiles.

Reliable Decorative profiles Suppliers From China for Your Space

We are a top China decorative profile manufacturer and make strong and durable products. They are incredibly mechanically strong and can sustain impacts from dropping. Usually, these profiles come in different materials like aluminium, copper, and other alloys. But China Decorative profiles Manufacturers prefer stainless steel because of its incredible thermal conductivity, making it excellent at distributing heat.

Stainless steel ornamental profiles use an anodizing technique that is non-fading, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant. It is painted with a range of stainless steel PVD that can be customized to meet specific needs. It can keep the integrity of engineering design indefinitely due to stainless steel’s strong corrosion resistance. Additionally, it is easy to manufacture and process due to high extensibility and mechanical strength, powder-coating. Thus, it can satisfy the demands of structural designers and architects. Our stainless steel ornamental profiles are available in standard stainless steel angle steel, flat steel, and square steel after the first successful practical use.

Purchase Attractive Stainless Steel Decorative Profiles At A Low Price

Primo Profilex is the global market leader of Decorative profiles Suppliers From China, providing the best product. Our diverse range of decorative profiles is suitable for every customer as they are easy to operate and use. For various applications, you can utilize them as they look beautiful with the interior of your house. You can use them for decoration, construction, and furniture making. Further, you can use it for bookshelves, library walls, fireplace walls, tv corner units, home theatre units, and computer workstations. Also, we offer various colors like silver, golden, textured wood, white, blue, and many others.

Also, to make it more effective, our experts design them in different shapes, like hollow tubs, angles, solid tubes, locks, sliding systems, framing systems, gaskets, and wheels. So, browse our Primo Profilex quality decorative profile and get the quote at an affordable price. We provide them in bulk keeping quality in mind.

So, transform your space into a rich and warm environment that will undoubtedly capture the attention of your guests. The decorative steel profiles ensure durability and longevity. Thus, these factors ensure that it will remain in your home for a long time. In addition, our products are ideal for homeowners who value attractive places. For more information, you can contact our Decorative Profile Manufacturers & Suppliers.