LED Manufacturer & Supplier in China


  • Name: PC plastic LED Light Cover
  • Size: Customized
  • Material: PC/PMMA
  • Color: Transparent / milky /White
  • Production Technology: Plastic extrusion and coextrusion
  • The drawing format: 2D/3D/DWG/STEP


LED Light Cover Manufacturer From China

Looking for an easy way to protect indoor LED lighting? Primo Profilex LED Light Cover Manufacturer From China offers ultimate protection with a simple installation process. It is a low-profile cover with an adhesive edge that sticks to dry, clean surfaces. Our LED light covers provide interior tape light installations with a polished, beautiful look while offering aesthetic protection. It has about 7.5′ lengths (90″) that can be cut according to one application. Also, it has 040-thick aluminum with good transparency.

Primo is lightweight and simple to install and maintain because of its polycarbonate plastic construction. For the ideal finished look, we offer linear tape light installations. Thus, the covers can be laid end to end or cut to size.

Wholesale China Custom LED light Cover Suppliers

As a leading LED Light Cover Manufacturer from China, we provide reliable and good-quality LED light covers. They protect the original LED lights from any breakage and failure. We use the best-imported cover quality raw materials that ensure the brightness of the led tube and a long lifetime. Also, it can reduce light, which makes it perfect for commercial projects, DIY installs, and residential structures with limited fascia.

Primo-Profilex China custom LED light cover suppliers provide a high-grade ideal light with a transmittance of 60%-95%. They are flame retardant, temperature, cold, and UV grade resistant. We offer milky, transparent, and frosted material with two-color, Monochrome extrusion, and soft and hard co-extrusion. Moreover, it effectively removes the LED light source from human eye stimulation and reduces discomfort. There is less cable and a protective film on the surface to avoid scratches, giving it a smooth and beautiful surface.

Buy Bulk the Best LED light Cover for Various Applications

Primo-Profilex has multiple Suppliers in China that source raw materials of high quality and make LED light covers to export to different parts of the world. Our LED light covers are of high durability that we use for multiple lighting purposes. They are best installed in shops, offices, new houses, and shopping malls’ line lighting.

Also, China custom LED light cover suppliers provide designs to achieve greater brightness. It is easier to carry and use in commercial areas and industries as it can be cut at any length according to one application. Thus, it is useful for LED protection and light diffusion in lighting fixtures. They are ideal for offices and outdoors. Also, other than for construction, they are useful for art ad crafts.

Affordable LED Light Cover Manufacturer From China 

Our LED Light Cover Manufacturer exports these products and supplies in various regions. The prices are according to customers because their satisfaction matters to us the most. Primo-Profilex has a large selection of LED light covers in various colors that can increase the versatility of your light use. These LED lights are much more popular in event management companies that want to protect the LED lights. So, we ensure our top-quality covers protect your LED lights from damage.

Get these reasonable LED light covers that work for a longer time. Also, we source the best product for you always. You can customize your order by selecting the most appropriate size according to your needs. So, contact an LED Light Cover Manufacturer From China for purchasing in bulk. Our exporters are always available to assist you.