Primo China - Profilex is your experienced development and production partner
when is come to polymer component and profiles for just about anything

Primo China - Profilex is your experienced development and production partner
when is come to polymer component and profiles for just about anything

Primo China - Profilex is your experienced development and production partner
when is come to polymer component and profiles for just about anything


Strive For Quality, Ingenuity And Energy

We have extensive market knowledge,and regularly also
supply extrusion technology to other business areas such as:


Trusted Packaging Tubes For Electronic Parts/components Supplier

Welcome to PrimoProfilex! We are a well-known company that produces packaging tubes for electronic equipment and other plastic extrusion products. We have positioned ourselves as your go-to partner for developing and manufacturing premium products thanks to our significant experience and skill in polymer components and plastic profiles. Our company has the best quality packaging tubes for electronic parts/components that enhance the reliability and durability of business projects.

Design Expertise LED Light Cover Manufacturer From China

A well-designed product is vital for achieving excellent quality in LED Light Covers. We have years of experience in designing LED Light Covers. Our team of specialists from Germany and China combines their knowledge to provide thorough design services. Primo Profilex LED Light Cover Manufacturer From China provides optimum protection with a simple installation technique. We only use the highest quality imported cover raw materials, which guarantee the longevity and brightness of the LED tube. Additionally, it has the ability to suppress light, which makes it ideal for DIY installations, residential buildings with little fascia, and commercial applications.

Also, to guarantee the required qualities of the finished product, we thoroughly analyze your needs and suggest the best raw materials. We recognize that a product should provide a lasting impression of excellence in addition to performing properly. Thus, we can assist you in achieving the ideal appearance with the aid of our design experience.

The design and quality of the tools are essential variables in meeting your product requirements, regardless of whether it is extruded or injection molded. We recognize the value of accuracy and effectiveness in tool design, ensuring that your manufacturing procedures go without a hitch and produce excellent results. The comprehensive design of IC shipping tubes is one of our specialties.

Have a Better Future with PVC Tubing Manufacturers In China

PrimoProfilex strives to remove plastic pollution and works with a strong commitment to sustainability. We incorporate sustainable practices into all aspects of our business operations. Thus, our PVC Tubing Manufacturers In China ensure that our products protect the environment and that we can do our best. We invest in cutting-edge equipment to repurpose plastic trash as part of our commitment to sustainability, encouraging circular business models. Additionally, we have put strict controls in place to stop the escape of microplastic particles from our factories, actively supporting programs like Marine Litter Solutions.

China MBBR Bio Manufacturer Offers Innovative Custom Solutions

Primo Profilex, the leading China MBBR Bio Media Manufacturer, provides the best-specialized water treatment items. Also, we make it incredibly simple to purchase everything your company requires in a single location. Our filters have a larger specific surface, ease of biofilm growth, and resistance to falling off. Plus, it has high denitrification, good hydrophilicity, and high biological activity. China MBBR bio Media Manufacturer

As a result, it helps in ‌phosphorus and nitrogen removal from rivers. Also, it safeguards water purification and aquaculture against ammonia and nitrogen. In addition, it is beneficial for biological filler biological deodorization towers. We offer unique designs and bring value by assisting in the early stages of your project’s conception and design. It allows us to efficiently manage every step of the extrusion process, from custom cutting and packing to aggressive logistics. We have many pieces of equipment specifically for making MBBR profiles. Therefore, we are the best suppliers and providers of water treatment.

Excellence Across Multiple Business Sectors

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our primary areas of focus. In addition to serving industries, we have extensive market knowledge that allows us to supply extrusion technology to other business sectors. With our comprehensive range of design services, technical expertise, and commitment to quality, PrimoProfilex is your ideal partner for all your plastic extrusion needs. Whether you require packaging tubes for electronic parts, water treatment MBBR, medico, electronics, packaging tubes, or injection parts, we have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to deliver exceptional results. We have excellence across multiple industries, from furniture to packaging; we are well-equipped to meet your needs.

Today, we create and manufacture extruded profiles for various industries, including healthcare, building, offshore operations, transportation, energy, white goods, electricity, and lighting.

Whether you are in the building industry, lighting, energy, offshore, medico, transport, electronics, or packaging tubes. Our products are best for:

  • Greenhouse
  • Water treatment
  • Refrigeration and HVAC
  • Furniture
  • Sports and leisure
  • Heavy industry

We have the knowledge and capabilities to cater to your specific requirements. Our profiles include packaging materials, furniture, fishing nets, technologically advanced greenhouses, and many other innovative applications.

Customized Profile Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

We at PrimoProfilex are committed to becoming a trusted resource for design and manufacturing. Our delivery of extruded plastic profiles that are specifically tailored to your needs. We are aware of the individuality of every project and have the skills to manage ones of any size or complexity. Our team of enthusiastic specialists combines their expertise in materials science, plastic extrusion, logistics, and market trends.

Thus, we provide the best solutions specifically tailored to your needs. PrimoProfilex collaborates closely with you to ensure your idea becomes a reality, from the original design thoughts to the finished product.

Technical Consultants for Manufacturing Excellence

Experts in the production of electronic components and semiconductors make up our team of technical consultants. The primoProfilex team works closely with you to understand the technical needs of your product since we are familiar with the nuances of your particular industry. We provide full manufacturing material and equipment solutions. Also, we offer cost-effective, high-quality outcomes from research and development to mass production. Thus, we leverage our large network of tier-1 equipment and materials partners.

When You Choose Primoprofilex?

PrimoProfilex is a leader in this area and uses its knowledge to provide tooling solutions that are tailored to your needs. Our position as a reliable partner enhances our reputation in the electronics sector. Here is why PrimoProfilex is unique:

  • We offer continuous support and collaboration of our engineers throughout the design process.
  • Our engineers have a wealth of expertise and understanding in this area, ensuring that your goods perform all essential roles.
  • We consider your goals and requirements, offering insightful analysis and suggestions to guarantee the best conclusion for your project.
  • We create outstanding design solutions that exceed your expectations because we care about our customers.

So, contact us now to discuss your project needs and learn how PrimoProfilex can help you succeed in plastic extrusion technology. We are eager to work with you and support realizing your creative ideas.


PROFILEX Plastic Technology
(Zhuhai FTZ) Co. Ltd

PROFILEX Plastic Technology (Zhuhai FTZ) Co. Ltd, invested by Inter Primo A/S a global company that accumulated over 60 years of rich technical experience, specializing in manufacturing Technology Profiles, Mbbr Bio Media, Decorative Profiles.

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A good design is essential for a high quality plastic product produced by extrusion or injection molding.

Tooling Manufacturing

We regard our tooling capabilities as our core competence. It is responsible for our leadership, innovation and the superior quality of our extrusions.

Manufacturing Facilities

Operating German facilities in China, we set the standard in a number of highly specialised areas, and are in a continuous search to further improve and innovate our production process.

Post -Processing

Profilex provides the customers with a very wide range of after treatment services. These services make it possible that the products can be fully met the customer’s requirements.


In order to ensure timely deliveries to European customers, not affected by the sailing schedules and other transport conditions, PROFILEX set up a logistics hub in Germany, implement the European-wide JIT services.


Water treatment
Electronics &
Packing Tubes
Injection Parts


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