A good design is essential for a high quality plastic product produced by extrusion or injection molding. At Profilex, we have over 50 years experience in design of plastic products.Experts from Germany together with experienced Chinese colleagues will assist you in designing or optimizing your products under consideration of your needs to the best possible product in case of production, technical properties and valuable prices.
  Our service includes:

· We provide entire design solutions based on costumers ideas, sketches or drawings. · We will check, recommend the best suitable raw material to guaranty the required properties of the final product. · Today a product should not only be perfect in its functions, it also should have an appearance which submits a certain impression of quality, and we know how a product should look like…… · The tool design and its quality for a product, no matter the production will be done in extrusion or injection is the key for all these requirements, and we are experts in this field……· We are particularly specialized in the complete design of IC shipping tubes. Our engineers are experts in this field to assure by the design, choosing the right material all required functions of these kinds of products.
· Several of our well known customers of the electronic industry using our design-knowledge / service for their products continuously.