Tooling manufacturing

       We regard our tooling capabilities as our core competence. It is responsible for our leadership, innovation and the superior quality of our extrusions.
       Profilex designs and manufactures all its tools in-house. This ensures the close interaction needed between tooling and production to achieve extrusions of high perfection and precision. At the same time it guarantees our customer that designs remain protected. We produce both extrusion dies and injection moulds.
       Our tooling department is a comprehensive facility, equipped with modern CNC machines, such as wire-cutting machine from Europe, and staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals.
Our designs are characterised by:
       · Very efficient cooling techniques

· Higher output ratios
· Longer life-time cycles
· Smaller tolerances and a very high degree of accuracy
· Efficient design resulting in lower material costs

We only use top quality steel, in full compliance with German standards.