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Packaging Tubes for Electronic Parts/Components

Safe handling is necessary while handling electronic components for the auto industry. Primoprofilex creates packaging tubes for electronic parts/components for protection, specifically for the electronics sector when packaging vehicle electronics. It is a type of storage in which a plastic carrier keeps your electrical components apart from one another and the outside world. Our tubes are ideal for both SMD and THD parts.

Primoprofilex ensures to provide the user with the best quality plastic electronic parts for a range of applications. We are the go-to expert for packing tubes with closures for electronic parts. Thus, we provide profiles in many different polymer-based materials and styles.

Top Quality PVC Tubing Manufacturers In China

As a leading manufacturer in China, we enhance the handling of your product’s custom design appropriate to your demands. Also, we have a large selection of material choices, including PVC, HIPS, PC, EVA, PP, HDPE, PMMA, and many others. Our standard PVC tubes have good impact strength, critical dimension control, stable dimension, and short cycle time. Our PVC tubing manufacturers in China ensure that they are crack-free and have excellent smooth interfacing. Also, they offer higher productivity and short lead times, which makes them ideal for multiple applications.

Our high-performance tube series is made of polycarbonate. We can make shipping tubes with +/ -2 mil (+/ -50 micron) dimension tolerances. It is beneficial for providing accurate unattended high-speed device loading and unloading. Plus, it prevents device piggybacking, shingling, and unit rotation. Further, our PS packaging tubes and PETG packaging tubes are Halogen free, which reduces environmental impact. Also, they improve clarity, transparency, and impact strength. Also, we provide Co-extruded tubes with window and Multiple chamber tubes. All of them allow a high packing density and easy handling.

PVC Tubing Excellent for Heavy-duty Applications 

Primoprofilex PVC packaging tubes are useful in the electronics industry for protecting and transporting delicate electronic parts. They are useful in integrated circuits because they provide excellent protection against static electricity, dust, and moisture. Also, PVC packaging tubes are helpful for packaging and transporting resistors and capacitors. Thus, they provide a safe and secure environment that protects them from damage during transit.

Plus, they are best for packaging and transporting LEDs because they offer excellent protection against physical damage and moisture. Thus, they ensure that the LEDs arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Thus, their ability to protect against static electricity, dust, and moisture makes them an ideal choice for the electronics industry. Other than this, they are useful in the automotive industry, microprocessor heat sinks, and ceramic TO packages. So, get the best Primoprofilex solution from PVC tubing manufacturers in China and enjoy benefits over multiple applications.

Top Packaging Tubes for Electronic Parts/Components in China

Primoprofilex is a brand that uses plastic-based packaging solutions and packaging tubes for components. We are a company that creates custom packaging tubes for electronic industry manufacturers worldwide. Computer electronics integrated circuits for daily packaging are clear plastic IC tubes. We specialize in packaging tubes for electronic parts/components  and packaging solutions for the automotive sector, as well as a variety of electronic components. They provide the best possible protection and are simple to handle. We offer metal rails and plastic anti-static shipping tubes for delicate parts. There are numerous pre-sized anti-static IC shipping tubes for arranging, packing, shipping, and storing your item.

Moreover, we offer a doorstep delivery option for the customers, so they don’t have to face any inconvenience. For bulk shipments, get flexibility and easy documentation. Our high-tech customer team is always ready to assist our buyers.