Manufacturing facilities

       Operating German facilities in China, we set the standard in a number of highly specialised areas, and are in a continuous search to further improve and innovate our production process.
       PROFILEX focuses on small to medium sized profiles, not on large profiles for the building industry. Our machines have an output range between 2 kg/hour to 90 kg/hour, producing profiles in a typical range of 10g per meter to 2kg per meter. The product diameter or width is up to 400mm.
       Co-extrusion and Tri-extrusion:
       · Our skills in co-extrusion and tri-extrusion set us apart from other manufacturers in the region, offering customers the possibility of producing profiles made of different materials and colours with an impeccable quality and speed.
       · Our expertise includes combinations of hard and soft materials to guarantee functionalities such as gripping, flipping and hinging, as well as skillful blending of different colours and material grades.
       · Our production area is organised in such a way that most production lines are available for co-extrusion when needed.
High production speeds
       Because we only use the newest machinery, and work with optimised in-house built tools, we can achieve high outputs or speeds in the production of our profiles. Depending on the type of profile and size, speeds can go up to 21 meters per minute, which is on a par with the most advanced extrusion factories around the world. This reduces the lead times for customers and ensures a steady supply of products.
Automatic cutting
       All our production lines are equipped with computer controlled automatic cutting or sawing desks, which guarantee both clean cutting and critical measurement tolerances.