Who we are – Our Culture and Identity

To fully understand what you get when you work together with Primo, you must know and understand our culture; who we are, why we are here (our purpose), and how we work. It is our ambition always to live up to these principles in our co-operation with customers, suppliers, authorities, and other stakeholders in the plastic industry and elsewhere.

Who we are

Primo is a leading and dedicated plastic extrusion specialist. Driven by our care for a better tomorrow and based on our extensive experience, know-how and proven process, we continuously seek to design and extrude the profiles of tomorrow that will optimise performance and save resources. Thanks to the private ownership of Primo, we have agility, ability, and willingness to invest in the future. We treat our customers as long-term partners and steadily work to improve our footprint.

Our Purpose

To design and extrude the profiles of tomorrow that will optimise performance and save resources

Photo: CEO Claus Tønnesen left, Chairman and owner Fleming Grunnet to the right.

How we work

We describe the PRIMO IDENTITY in four words that frame our CORE identity. Our identity ensures that we are on the right track and that everyone acts on a common and long term foundation – no matter where in the organisation we are placed and no matter what kind of decision we have to take.

We Care

It is our obligation to save resources and increase the sustainability of our products

We stand by our social standards (CSR)

We treat our customers, partners and each other with respect

We are Openminded

We challenge the existing, test new ideas, and embrace the latest technology

We seek new business opportunities

We listen and ask questions to understand your situation and need

We are Reliable

Primo is financially healthy and reliable to all stakeholders

We keep our agreements and meet our deadlines

We are an honest, trustworthy and no-nonsense partner

We Execute

We manage each step of the process professionally from idea through milestones to fulfilment

We drive initiatives

We take initiative and follow up